Don’t continue to draw from an empty well

Imagine carrying buckets to a well to draw water to drink.  As you dip in the first bucket it comes out full and you are pleased.  But with each bucket, the water is less and less.  Until the final bucket comes back empty.  You continue dropping the bucket into the empty well expecting the previous results, only to be let down every time.  It’s amazing how this happens in our lives.

The past year of my life has been one of the most incredible rollercoasters rides ever.  I’m learning more about myself and the type of legacy and impact I want to leave on this earth.  I understand that none of us will live forever and more importantly only our legacy and memories will last.  None of the pain we experience and endure internally will even matter when are gone.  

This has lead me to understand that wells will and do dry up.  When we share our most vulnerable moments with old friends or family that we trust with our deepest and most intimate secrets and they don’t respond in a way that we need in order to feel supported, how often do we keep going back to them.  We continue to drop the bucket in hoping for water, but nothing is there.

In taking inventory of those closest around us, it’s a hard reality to grasp that people we have depended on for years can no longer be an intricate part of our lives.  We can no longer seek the wise counsel of those we have surpassed educational or spiritually.  So how do we work through this season of our lives?

  1. Say NO as a complete sentence and mean it.
  2. Don’t answer.  This is a big one.  Sometimes saying NO isn’t enough.  Sometimes all communication has to cease.
  3. Be okay with what will become a “new” normal.
  4. Don’t believe the saying “No New Friends,” sometimes new friends help you move to a new place in life

Now making a list of things to do (or not do) seems very simple on the surface.  The reality is this.  As humans, we become comfortable with who we are and the company we keep.  Many friendships and relationships are out of comfort, not a necessity.  We all need to eat to survive, but what we eat will determine how healthy we are or are not.  Friendships and relationships are no different loves.  

Just a few things to ponder over.  I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time!


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