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There is a video of Will Smith floating around social media telling people to fail.  I haven’t watched the entire thing, honestly but it sparked something I wanted to share…..

If I could only give you three pieces of advice I’d tell you to Fail Often, Fail Fast and Fail Forward (Stick with me on this one).

Fail Often

The more often you branch out and try something new the more often you will realize just how brave you really are.  One of the biggest things holding us back from our dreams is FEAR.  Fear of what?  Not making enough money (failure). Finding happiness (failure).  Not having support (failure).  Being wrong (failure).  All of the reasons you can create in your mind about not doing something ties back to the words FEAR of FAILURE.

Fail Fast

Listen. Life Happens.  Seriously it does.  Sometimes you succeed and other times you don’t.  Its several people that graduated from undergrad, grad school and culinary school with me, not using ANY of those degrees.  People fall off the wagon all the time.  The difference between us and them….is we don’t lay on the ground.  You have to believe in yourself enough to understand that even if you Fail, at least you tried.

We don’t have time for pity parties in life.  Allowing your mind to succumb to depression and a mental state of worthlessness doesn’t help you, your family, nor the people who need to hear your story.  Fail Fast and keep going.

Fail Forward

Now, this is a BIG one.  Fail Forward.   Do you realize most advances in technology and modern medicine were by accident?  Do you think Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg wrote on their Vision Boards to become the moguls they are?  Do you think Oprah imagined she would become Oprah?   Just for a second, I want you to think about something.  All of the people you admire, the ones you look up too and slightly envy, do you think any of them had a path clearly laid out for them to follow and poof they became who they are?

No, they learned from their mistakes.  They learned to take their small victories (I survived) and turn it into something amazing.  Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey both slept in their cars at a critical point in their careers.  The point when they had nothing left to give but themselves.  As an entrepreneur, you have to respect and honor THAT moment in life.

Fail Forward, my friends.  Every situation can catapult you into your destiny or strangle the life out of your dreams.  The choice is up to you.


If I could give you one piece of advice?  It would be to grab Leslie Odom Jr’s Book Failing Up and let his journey inspire yours.

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