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Welcome to Kimberlyinese.com

Chef Kimihou on Kimberlyinese.comHey yall.  Welcome to my new home.  While I’m not new to this blogging world, this particular blog is brand spanking new.  I also run Chef Kimihou a blog about my life as a Pastry Chef and instructor.  I also run The Momager Lifestyle a blog that started initially about the journey of getting my son to his dream of being a performer on Broadway that took on a life of its on.  Then I started SimplyKB and I’ll be honest it was a way or me to air out my feelings.  I really didn’t give a damn who got hurt in the process, the blog was for my therapy.  Now while some of those posts have migrated over to this new self-titled blog site, all of them will not.

So why the change?

Kimberly Inese and Cherrie AmayaIt’s simple.  Over the course of the past year, I have really been on a track of self-discovery.  Creating cute IG names and flowing with them to build a brand has been fun.  But at the end of every single day, I have always been and will forever always be Kimberly Inese.

My Aunt Eva called me by my first and middle name all the time as a kid (honestly even as an adult) and I noticed I too called all the kids in my life by their first and middle names.  I sat on this website for a while.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the world to meet ME and not my alias.  But alas, it is what it is.

My story

This blog is dedicated to the mental, spiritual and financial wellbeing of myself and any new followers.  I’ll give step by step processes on how I’m caring for a special needs daughter and a super talented son.  I’ll talk about things close to my heart, like my new involvement as an advocate for sexually abused children.  I’ll take you on my journey of becoming financially independent and I’ll share stories of continuing my education.  I will absolutely share my favorite scriptures and a new sense of “self” as I embark upon a new relationship with God.

I already know…

KimberlyInese.comLike with my last blog, I know everyone reading this won’t be on my team.  I’m aware some are just here for gossip or trying to read between the lines.  There won’t be any need for that.  I shoot from the hip and that won’t be changing anytime soon.  I’m going to talk about my faith and spiritual walk.  I’ll be open about parenting and my relationship with others.  

You’ll meet my girlfriends on this blog.  I’ll bring you through my world and show you what it’s really like to be me!  Be sure to follow along on instagram!  I try to capture my life there when I don’t want to do a full blog post.

I appreciate you wanting to know more about me and joining me on this journey of self-love, deep appreciation, and spiritual awakening.


Welcome to Kimberly Inese……..


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