The Power of Hell Yes!

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I’m not sure if I have ever played by the rules?  I went to college, left, got an event planning certification, went back to college and finished, started a masters, started the second one, went to culinary school, became a pastry chef, and I just finished my Masters in Adult Education.  One thing is for sure I like to learn, I like to read and I love to write.  I also like to prove people wrong.  One of my biggest takeaways from 2017 was learning the Power of Hell Yes!

Let me explain.

Whenever I think about something.  When I think about a new project or possible business venture.  When I plan field trips for my homeschooled kids.  When I think about how we spend the little bit of play money we may have every now and then, I’ve gotten in the habit of asking myself is this a HELL YES situation?

Will taking on this new project make me happy?  Will doing this thing for this person bring me joy?  Will my business grow from this?  If I ended up getting very badly hurt tomorrow will I regret doing x y or z?  I now funnel my actions down to is this a Hell Yes?

Not only do I funnel my decisions, I ask my children is this a Hell Yes situation?  Should we do this show or that one?  Should we go to this event or not?  Should we take a personal day and unplug from society?  If without a doubt we can say Hell Yes then it is so.  Now granted the kids aren’t allowed to curse but they get the drift of is this a Hell Yes situation.

Being an entrepreneur

For five years I’ve run an online sweets business that was doing very well.  I had to ask myself was this still my assignment?  I was having this conversation with my then fifteen-year-old and he turns and says “Mom what if God allowed you to open Adonai for a season to learn and grow and now that season is over?  What if God allowed you to experience this business so you can help other people who want to do it?”  I froze and just looked at him.  I remember telling him “You can not expect lifetime commitment from seasonal situations.”

I was reading an ebook by Brandi Jeter Riley and in her opening, she said “Being in charge of the amount of money that you earn, rather than having to wait on other folks to recognize your value is a powerful business move.”

Understanding what is important

While I was phenomenal at doing cakes, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes I have been missing key moments in my family and friend’s lives while working.  I now have to see a chiropractor weekly because I’ve put so much strain on my spine from standing in the kitchen for long hours over the years.  I have gained weight and I can not control the swelling in my feet after working because I poured everything I had into my business.  Don’t get me wrong, my elite clientele is amazing, but what is the cost of true happiness?

As I seek to find balance in my life I’m embracing two things:

No is a complete sentence and HELL YES is a powerful tool to eliminate the “noise” and “busy work” in life.

As the sole employee within my business, I do everything.  I often joke I’m the janitor and the CEO.  All of which is true, but what I have done, as many other people have, is become a slave unto myself.  Understanding that at larger corporations built in vacations, sick days and the occasional call out of work are expected.  Have you ever wondered why as an entrepreneur that’s not accepted?  Making an effort to say NO to “opportunities” and HELL YES to “living life” is one of the things I hope I can encourage you to do moving into 2019.

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