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The Cake Review on Kimberly Inses

It’s not often that my love for theater and my career collide.  “The Cake” written by Bekah Brunstetter was a powerfully moving play.  As a cake artist, I remember when the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal and how much of an uproar my industry was in.  For me, though I am a Christian and I live in the south, I had absolutely no problem making a same-sex wedding cake.  It simply was a non-issue.  If I’m honest my same-sex weddings were some of my favorites.  Right after equal rights became a thing, my orders filled with weddings where the love and compassion two people shared filled the room.

The Cake Review on Kimberly IneseDuring the opening monologue I found myself audibly talking back to Della, a below the bible belt devout Christian cake baker.  The entire thing was perfect.  I sat thinking to myself, this is great writing!  So often as cake artists, people assume they can do what we do with no training.  Often times there is very little regard to the years and years of practice that goes into creating these masterpieces that people will literally chop up.

Della, played by Marcie Millard, goes on a journey.  I absolutely love the play on her cakes vs her emotional well being.  I’ve always said you have to bake with love.  Nothing can accompany you into the kitchen, all emotions and negative energy have to stay outside of that domain.  Throughout her personal journey, the cakes she’s making becomes a representation of where she is in life and I thought that was absolutely brilliant.

the cake review on Kimberly Inese

Tim, Della’s husband is whom I would consider the dude in the pick-up truck with the “Make America great again” bumper sticker.  The development of this character is complex.  We don’t hate him but we also don’t love this guy.  Allan Edwards is hilarious in this role.  All I can say is “mashed potatoes.” You’ll have to purchase tickets and see the show for yourself to fully understand how mashed potatoes will never be just comfort food again!

the cake review on Kimberly Inese

Macy & Jenn are two characters that hit me in a different way.  One is unapologetically black, outspoken, confident and a lioness.  Her counterpart is trying to live a big city life with a bible belt upbringing.  Like, the idea of merging the uniqueness of these women together is magic.  Rhyn Saver (Jenn) and Parris Sarter are seriously magical together.  I’m talking unicorn cake magical.  Their chemistry and dedication to the realness of these characters are as sweet as buttercream on a vanilla bean cupcake.

As I sat watching this show a couple of things jumped out at me:

  1. This needs to be a book, a movie or a television show!
  2. The characters are real.  Like seriously.  If you’ve ever seen This Is Us on NBC, the writer of this play, is also their writer and the characters are just as real on stage as they are on television.
  3. The South has a long way to go…
  4. This is a love story between deceased Mother/Daughter, Husband/Wife, Community/Individual, Parents/children, and family.
  5. This show is not appropriate for kids under 17 (seriously, I took my 13-year-old.  Yall pray for her lol).

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May 17 – June 23, 2019

Wednesday – Friday at 8:00 PM
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 – Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM
PRIDE NIGHT – Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM


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