Traveling with Teens using the Life360 app: Review

life360 app review

On a previous trip to NYC this year we downloaded an app called Life360 to everyone’s phone.  I was very nervous about traveling with Cherrie to NYC for the first time and needed a tracker on her phone.  That was in April.  We never took the app off our phones and here is why.

waiting at the airport simplykb
waiting at the airport

For the past week, my kids and I have been staying in New Jersey while my son attends Broadway Evolved.  Day one we took an uber from the airport to the hotel and it was $78.87.  Yup, we only went about 13 miles but that how much it costs us.  Day two we went six miles and it was $36.00 Uber ride from Jersey to Manhattan.  Clearly, you can see where this is going.  I immediately decided we needed to figure out how to navigate the NJ/NYC rail system.

riding the train simplykb
riding the train 

My daughter and I decided to tackle this while my son was in the studio for the first day of training.  Needless to say, I was drenched in sweat, stressed out and praying for a shower but we made our way from Penn Station back to New Jersey without getting lost!!  But clearly, we looked like we had been on an adventure!

After surviving our trial run, Cherrie and I took Marshall through our new found route on Tuesday.  We only rode to the station with him and allowed him to walk at a New Yorker’s pace three blocks to the studio.  Listen, I don’t think Cherrie and I are cut out for walking in Manhattan.  Southern girls take their time, Marshall was talking long strides.  We watched his progress from the app!

Wednesday morning I walked Marshall downstairs for breakfast and waited with him for the shuttle.  I then watched him navigate leaving the hotel on the shuttle, going to the train station and traveling to Penn Station.  From there he went to the studio.  Flawless execution with ten minutes to spare.  Thursday morning I was confident enough to stay in my pajamas and let him get himself up and navigate his way to training.

Needless to say, Life360 was the glue that held us together on our last trip to New York City!

cherrie in manhattan
cherrie in manhattan


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